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Full Version: Extra_english not working
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So, my problem is that no matter what I put in extra_english.lang , it never shows up in the game. Case in point, I'm trying to have a message show up when the player reaches a locked door. The in-game script seems fine, but nothing is happening!


<CATEGORY Name="CustomStoryMain">
<Entry Name="Description">in progress.</Entry>

<CATEGORY Name=“Messages”>

<Entry Name =“Stairway Door”>It's far too dark, I'll break my neck on the stairs - Aunt Imelda used to keep a lantern in the cellar.</Entry>


Hmm...maybe spaces in entry names are not allowed? Just a wild guess, but try changing "Stairway Door" to "StairwayDoor" both in the .lang file and in your ingame scripts.

Apart from that I don't see anything wrong...maybe you should post your ingame script too, just to be safe. Use the insert code button to make it easier to read and copy for others! Smile
Hey there, here's my code just to make sure; thanks for the help already!

void DoorLockedPlayer(string &in entity)

    if(GetSwingDoorLocked("EXAMPLE_DOOR") == true)

        SetMessage("Messages", "Stairway Door", 0);

Don't use spaces in your Lang when you are writing names of objects and messages... Instead use _
So it will be: "Stairway_Door", or you can just write "StairwayDoor",
I don't know if this will solve it, but try
The issue is likely to be the special quotation marks. Special quotation marks are not quotation marks.