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Full Version: Old Games Freakin' Rock
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Hey people who love and don't love old video/ console games... This is not a thread for bashing.

FOR STARTERS, I'm creating this thread so we can list out old games we cherish and love, compare and contrast, share knowledge and learn a bit about games we've not heard of before, games we might like to learn about and let's not forget... About each other, because how we relate to games shows us who we really are... (awwwwwww).

Secondly, "old" games, in this thread, are classified as 2006 and earlier (1971 is the earliest).

Alright, to start off, I'm going to provide a list of my top ten favorites (I have too many to choose from and I'm constrained by time, right now, so 10 will do, until later Wink And they aren't listed in any particular order unless said so).

Starting with my favorite JRPG and game of all time, then I will list the others:
1) Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger. IT'S A TIE!!! (shock and awe).
2) Metal Slug series
3) Doom series (includes Wolfenstein)
4) Duke Nukem 3D
5) Legend of Zelda series (gameboy)
6) Pokemon (red, green [yes, I played the Japanese version], blue, yellow) - If you don't know what these are, you're too young for me.
7) Virtual On
8) Joust
9) Stratego
10) AoW (Age of Wonders 1)
can we upgrade that old rank to 2004 please, as err, some of my faves are from round about 2002 and are considered to young for this list.. thanks.
You have asked and you shall receive!! Big Grin 'Tis at 2006 now, just incase we forgot any.
Stratego was a video game? I only played the board game >>
I played a lot of japanese games as a kid (zelda, pokemon, mario, you know the classic stuff) but I have to admit, after I heard about the western classics (Baldurs gate, Quake, Doom, Diablo, GTA) I quickly forgot the japanese games and today, I still don't feel ashamed for not following up on the classic series that was my childhood, because I felt they weren't my style to begin with, my memory will stay with SMB 3, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Final Fantasy 5 and that's were it belongs.

My all time favourite GOG would be:

Baldurs Gate series
Thief series
Might and Magic series
Redline Racer (I know I know... But I liked it OK!)
Heroes series
Unreal tournament
Rayman (the first one)
thanks mate, ok current top 20 from me (it tends to change depending on my mood. lols) .

1. Half Life. (plus expansions)

2. Deus Ex (with "skill based aiming" off)

3. The Operative: No One Lives Forever (dynamic scaling off)

4. Goldeneye 007 (N64)

5. No One Lives Forever II: A Spy in HARMS way (see Nolf 1)

6. Soldier of Fortune: Platinum Edition (custom settings. soldier of fortune diffuculty, no saves, unlimited carrying)

7. Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix: Gold Edition (custom settings, "soldier of fortune" difficulty, no saves, unlimited carrying, recoil off)

8. Half Life 2 and Episodes

9. Duke Nukem 3d: Atomic Edition

10. 007: Nightfire (Gamecube)

11. DOOM: Thy Flesh Consumed (Aka DOOM '95)

12. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

13. Perfect Dark (N64)

14 Quake II

15. Baldurs Gate

16. SHOGO: Mobile Armoured Division

17. Super Mario 64

18. Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Collectors Edition (added the egypt levels to PC version)

19. Need For Speed II: Special Edition

20. Medal of Honour: Frontline (Ps2)
I stayed up until 6:00 am one night finishing the original Half-Life. I still have yet to do its expansions.
I'm not going to search creation dates, but I consider these old. Mind you, I'm 18, so I haven't played the REALLY old games... NOT IN ANY "TOP FAVORITE" LIST

1) Perfect Dark 64 (very similar to Goldeneye: 007, but I never liked James Bond)
2) Super Mario Bros 64 (Of course!)
3) Legend of Zelda (snes, fuck yesss)
4) Metroid Prime: Hunters (Nintendo DS, made in 2006, HA)
5) Pitfall (lol, come at me)
6) Mechassault (Xbox Original)
7) Unreal Championship
8) Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (Just bought it on Steam. Used to play on Gamecube)
9) Phantasy Star Online (PSO2 comes out in February for US! Free to Play too! So much has been improved, but kept an original atmosphere relatable to PSO. Can't wait)
10) Gex: Enter the Gecko(so unknown, but was so much fun)
11) Starfox 64
12) Zelda OoT
13) Quantum Redshift
14) Doom 3 (have yet the chance to play 1 and 2, I KNOW, I'M SORRY)

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
I've been thinking about buying System Shock 2 and Quake.
if you buy "Doom III BFG edition", you get DOOM (in Thy Flesh Consumed form), DOOM II (both in HD), and DOOM III in HD with 6 new levels, all for 19 pounds on PC statyk, beleive me its worth getting. DOOM 64 can be had as a Wad for DOOM II on pc as well now, Brutal Doom wad is also worth a look for gore fans and works on both DOOM 1 and II.
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