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Full Version: About the Archaic
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Am I the only one who thinks the Archaic can be associated with the Freemasonry? I mean, it's a secret society whose purpose is to study ancient technologies (hence planning how the history will be made). And the cyanide capsule > masons never reveal themselves, so they (Archaic) kill injured members, rather than sending them to surface, so they cannot divulge what's going on in Greenland.

What's your opinion?
I too was interested in learning more about this secretive group, and had expected the sequel series (instead of Amnesia) would have been following their other activities.

I hadn't thought of comparing them to the Free Masons, but they are similar come to think of it. I think the 'killing injured members' was to make sure the Tuurngait Virus didn't spread to the city.

Can you imagine New York City infected with a virus than can possess you, not to mention make small invertebrates larger and dangerous, happening?
I have just started the game and I also see reference to Freemasons. The note "Xeno Report" starts with "Anno 9002 (Anno Domini 1992)".
Freemasons have different count, mostly the so called Anno Lucis (Year of Light) and it adds 4004 year to the current year. So 2013 would be Anno Lucis 6017 (other masonic lodges have other year-count though).

In this case however we have Anno Domini (Year of our God - that is the normal, common count) 1992 which is Anno 9002 in the game - 7010 years difference. I presume it is just a fictional reference to masonic count or probably a less known masonic count that exists in real life.
Further in the note (and in the game, as I see) it is mentioned some ranking and circles (Elevated caste, Archaic), which is also typical for the Masonic societies.