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Full Version: What are you reading right now?
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The dark tower: song of susannah by stephen king, too damn awesome!
God's Demon is really interesting. I recommend it to all who enjoy something more dark yet still rewards the soul (lol) with philosophy and emotion.
Plus there's this website that has all the paintings of the place; the artist is phenomenal in his imaginings of the underworld.

Here's a sample, with the link:

[Image: page3-1000-full.jpg]
I knew this guy! He is Wayne Barlowe! For a fucking long time I fucking loved him as a god! he is the author and Illustrator of a book called "Expedition" that is about the expedition to an alien world! Discovery Chanel than made a documentary adaptation of the book and was aired as "Alien Planet".

[Image: arrowtongue.jpg]

[Image: daggerwrist.jpg]
he also designed some Aliens for Avatar [Image: avatar-leonopteryx-studies1.jpg]
This guy is the very reason why I went to study arts! Fuck man! Alias I fucking love you right now! (Besides you basically mentioned a book I really MOST read!)
I went through a period of time (have yet to leave it) that was (is) spent in total obsession of both Barlowe and Giger. Dammit man, give me a hug!
You love Giger and Barlowe... Damnit Alias why are you male D:!!!
I ship Allias and Danny.
Here Kman! here boy! *waves picture while whistling*

[Image: jack_frost_fanart_by_catnappe143-d5qu3qu.jpg]

Good Boy! *trows picture into a cliff* Now FETCH!!!
Danny, you forgot that Kman likes big and hairy guys

[Image: hairy_man_copy_190.jpg]
(01-09-2013, 11:52 PM)Kman Wrote: [ -> ]I ship Allias and Danny.
i keel u nao
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