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Full Version: FULL RELEASE: Eternium - Prologue. [IFC]
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Hey guys, there are a lot of areas you can access that robosprog doesn't want you to see...
Can't download, good sir.
Thanks !
Nice job Smile I enjoyed it!
A few things:

Spoiler below!

-In the first room, I ended up looking at your script and map because I couldn't figure out how to get through the door. I didn't notice the shovel in the corner (although maybe I just wasn't being observant Tongue)
-both the meat and the dagger had no name or description when I picked them up. It simply said "Picked up ".
-I found a door that wasn't placed properly. It was in the room with the painting canvas. (took a screenshot for you: link)
-the monster killed me and I re-spawned only to find that the door leading back into the room (room with level door and closet) was locked; I had to restart. I'd suggest adding a checkpoint in that room somewhere.
-after getting through the door where the monster came from, there was no where left to go so I assume that it was the end of the demo?

Other than that it had good atmosphere, and the story is intriguing. I'm excited for the full version!
I liked this demo, but can't finish it to the end after monster killed me and that little room door is locked after I died. Overall I liked atmosphere and that tension what you created.

Can't wait full release ^^
(01-08-2013, 05:06 PM)Robosprog Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah, everyone seems to be missing note that spawns in starting room after your death, sorry for confusion caused!

And thank you Humiliation, Smile

Oh, you were SUPPOSED to die? My second time through (after I died the first time and the door was locked), I hid in the closet on top of the boxes (I crouch jumped onto them :p) until the monster disappeared lol
Alright! Looking forward to playing the whole thing.
Wow, that was fast Smile

Downloading... Tongue
Okay, finished it, it was really nice one.

I was stucked long time before I enter the mines and find that key.

Really complex puzzles in some parts, but challenging and really fun.

What I have to complain was really poorly detailed places some hallways are really empty and ruins the entertainment easily. Don't get me wrong I loved how much work you put those billboard areas and make it look really decent ones.

It was pretty short, but great, not so scary, but nice enviroments and big ones. Nice work man!

Overall: 8 / 10 Smile
I'll play this later when I have finished all my study this week.
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