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Sure, I have no school that day, maybe I could host the server or something but I do have high pings.
If everyone wants to go through with it, why not just join the steam group Zaffre made and use the group chat?
But nobody goes thar :c
So go there...
I went there... still nothing though... Guess I better chop off my own legs so I can have something to eat while I wait for something magical to happen.
Or just go get food...
" stops noming a toe"


"continues to nom"
I'd love to play on the 21st, but I believe I have school that day. It all depends on when we'd be playing.

If I'm even welcome c:
I chose 21 because it's a Sunday, and that day at last in Spain is party.
Chaser... You Spanish? Ff so: Hi! I'm you country neighbor!
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