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Full Version: stuck
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Hey im just strated play Penumbra Overtrue and stuck on an generator cant figure out what the note want me to do so just trying everything :S

Its the first generator in the game you meet

any clue?!
I havent played the game in awhile but when you first enter the generator room you have to try to turn on the generator, it should need a battery.

Spoiler below!
to locate the fuse you need to destroy some barriers around that big pit in the corner of the room than drag one of the large boxes and drop it into the pit, than climb down to grab it afterwords you need to place the battery in the console.

If you already have the battery placed in the consoles and try to activate the generator the fuse should blow.
exit the generator to find the storage room ( i think there are maps that you can use placed around the tunnels.)

after you manage to reach the storage room there should be a broom.
Spoiler below!
the fuse is hidden on the top of one of the shelves. stack some objects up to reach the top shelf and hit the fuse with the broom

after you replace the old fuse you need to rotate the valves on the consoles

From left to right the valves are going to be called

Spoiler below!
the order to rotate them i beleive is
Valve 4
Valve 3
Valve 1
Valve 2
Valve 5

after you rotated all the valves move up to the generator and pull the lever and than you are done!
How do you destroy those barriers?
Use your hammer/pickaxe, whichever one you have, and swing at it until it breaks.
(03-10-2013, 05:48 PM)Statyk Wrote: [ -> ]Use your hammer/pickaxe, whichever one you have, and swing at it until it breaks.

okay thx but where do you find a hammer or axe? I am talking about level 02
Your thread already seems to be made concerning your stuck position. Keep it in there.