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Full Version: "Castle - Office" - Custom Main Menu (REDONE)
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I've completely redone the office, Made it night instead of day and deleted the grunt and body Smile No excess windows with shelves in front of them xD if you have any more issues with this just leave them below and I'll update them Smile (ALSO: Leave your gamma levels at 1.0 or lower for better looks)

How to install:
1. Unzip with WinRar or 7Zip.
2. Backup your file.
3. Drag to your amnesia folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Amnesia The Dark Descent\main_menu\main (Not sure about the retail version, sorry).

Download from Mediafire.
Download from Mediafire (Without God Rays).

[Image: 11gr3w5.png]
(Taken at 1.0 Gamma)
[Image: 17e9mg.png]
(Taken at 1.0 Gamma)
It is pretty good. IMO it would be better without grunt and body.
What happened to "Amnesia: the DARK Descent"?
Sincerely, I find it quite bad:

-The windows are blueish, while the light is yellow
-Why is there a cabinet in front of a window?
-The dead body is unnatural: The right arm should be affected by gravity, but it stands in the air. (The model is static)
-The roof is weirdly illuminated: A part is illuminated but the other not, why?
-The tiling is too big

Conclusion: You have to work your levelling a lot more. +, without the grunt and body it would be better.
I see a good future if your work better, though. Wink
Just my 3 cents, but the mansion door looks out of place in a castle setting.
Thanks for the feedback, I'll fix these problems Big Grin
Keep the billboards (God rays)
Have some more pointlights or spotlights where the light hits..

You need to analyze where the light hits the walls, and see if it looks realistc