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Full Version: Great concepts but many loose ends.
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Considering the gameplay and storyline had me so enveloped and information hungry. I could agree the endings we're anti-climatic. . I was left wanting more. The endings themselves made sense if you read/listened to all the dialogue and pieced everything together. The only loose ends to me are after then ending. Like where does the portal go. Where is Alexander from. Is Agrippa and Weyer good or bad?
It seems only few people agree with me that letting Alexander go was the best ending (having uploaded a full playthrough and getting lots of comments on choosing that ending). Throughout the game, memory capsules make clear that Alexander is trying to get back to someone he loves. He might do all the wrong things to get there, but there's a lot we don't know about Agrippa either, I feel he's hiding something.
Daniel dying doesn't seem anticlimatic to me. The game is about the descent, and Daniel reached the bottom.

What kind of ending were you expecting?
I can see what you mean, Regardless all these horrible things have been done, and the choice really only lies in who to save. Now who would you choose? Agrippa whom we know barely anything about? Daniel who we know has done horrible things to save himself, and also has no one waiting for him at home since they were killed off by the shadow? Or Alexander who did horrible things for the sake of someone dear to him and apparantly has this "love" waiting for him. from a logical standpoint it makes most sence to save alexander.
I like how everyone's sympathizing with the most vile character, and not for their victims. Similar case for Mandus - yet with Justine, she's almost unanimously reviled while her victims (a pathetic love-martyr, an abusive carpenter and a deluded musician) are the ones who get the pity. Personally, I like her because she embraces her evil rather than having some rather flimsy excuses. Smile

I don't even consider the failure-state you receive when you stand there like an idiot for five full minutes in the final level an 'ending'. That's just a game over, like you falling off a pit or getting killed by a monster. Either Daniel goes the simple route and gets his revenge on Alex (but still condemning himself by acting self-righteous and blaming all his sins on another man), or he redeems himself by saving a man who's likely served his own penance a long time ago.
The ending was a bit of a letdown and not that satisfying, at least the one that I had. It's not that easy to add a ending that suits for the majority of the players...everybody has a different perspective of the game, since you use your imagination a lot.
I get that feeling with a lot of FG's games. I felt like I was missing something at the end of the Penumbras and Amnesia. Exception would be Justine (AMFP is by TCR, so I won't count that). I hope it feels "solved" at the end of SOMA. I don't know how to explain it.
I think it might be that the stories are usually very complex. They're really good stories, but most likely you won't understand everything at first playthrough. They're very metaphoric and indirect so it could take a while to fully appreciate it.
I see what you mean. TDD's endings weren't fully satisfying to me either.

Maybe (not an expert at all) it comes from the fact that all the answers to our interrogations are here way before we face Alexander ? And that the ending is basically what we could have expected ?

I mean, what made some game's endings amazing is also that they really surprise us. Don't think many people saw Bioshock Infinite ending coming. Well we guessed what it'd be about, but it really was a shock (get it) at some points, at least for me.

Same thing with the original Half-Life. The ending was great because it was really unexpected and because it brought new elements.

In TDD, I just felt like the endings happen as planned, and they don't learn us much. They are not bad at all in my opinion, I was pretty satisfied when I picked the Daniel ending for the first time, but after the incredible experience of surprising events and terrifying confrontations that Amnesia was, maybe I expected a bit more.

The Agrippa ending is a bit more unexpected, but since it didn't bring any new element to the story I felt kind of "meh" as well.
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