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Full Version: Is the Infected One mortal?
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Hiya there,
I was just wondering, whether the Infected One with the crowbar, who appears after picking up the saw, is mortal and whether it's possible to kill him over time Smile Well, I was picking up the saw, triggering him to appear and - because I'd like to explore the area without a crazy guy with a heavy piece of metal in his hand - I climbed on the large boxes, removed the small metal boxes from the floor and started making some noise. That curious lil buddy stormed the room and I started to throw one of the crates again and again against his head. It seemed as if it hurt but after - FYI, I did not count Wink - approx. 100 hits he was still able to walk/talk/attack.

That's the situation my question comes from: is it possible, meaning, am I able to kill the Infected "Freeman" thingy by throwing a metal box at him ? ^^

Regards, soli
I've read somewhere on this forum that it is, in fact, possible, but causes some weird behaviour in the game's engine. Apparently, the Tuurngait would just freeze and lose his/her/its collision detection.
You can kill the Infected, though it takes time and patience - not really worth it. When he dies he just freezes and turns ghosty (you can walk right through him) as he doesn't have a dying animation.