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Full Version: The Recession of Amnesia Mod Development
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Jens stated in these forums that AMFP won't have CS support. Not sure if that includes full conversion support, so i wonder about full conversion support, and i wonder if it'll be like TDD where CS support gets added later (but this seems unlikely, since i was told there are no plans to update the publicly available HPL2 suite after AMFP).
What? CS's are what made Amnesia popular. If AAMFP doesn't have, it will be just the main story. There could be the other thing of full conversions, OR the possibility of exporting the AAMFP models to ATDD, which would make sense too.

But, having the CS's removed from the next amnesia... I find it rather silly, in a commercial way.
Back on topic:

I don't think that there has been a serious recession: With the summer, lots of new people will come, and, therefore, lots of CS's will be released. In this period of time, there will be quite some CS's from unexperienced people, but there will be great CS's too. Let's say that 1 from 5 CS's have a nice mapping, nice scripting, nice story, etc. If in the summer 20 stories are released, 4 will be great (pure statistics). And, as in summer people has more free time, their habilities will improve.

Also, I have observed too that most of users (including me) have passed to a more "observating" status than an actual "posting" one. That would explain too the decrease of useful feedback. However, with the incoming veterans (Smoke is half-veteran) and Kiandra (and hopefully more) there will be an acceptable proportion of veterans and "noobs", which, hopefully, will make everyone learn.
For the contrary making AAMFP being able to have CS's would divide your community, just like Crysis modding did, and worse create confusion on the users, "why can't i play this CS on ATDD it says is for Amnesia!?" complaints would certainly come up. I also think FG is garding their better modding support for the next HPL 3 game, on that game they, i hope, will make Full conversions very easy and also better tools.
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