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Full Version: Penumbra: Overture power cable promblems (HELP)
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I am now up to the part were you need to start up the mining machine. I have already put the gas/key in and the power cables are attached but I when i try to turn the key I get a message saying that there is no power to the panel... I believe that the panel is meant to light up which mine doesn't and I cant pull the cable out if you can do this... Please help me.
If I remember, I am not sure, perhaps you should
Spoiler below!
refuel the machinery?
You should take the gigantic power cord and plug it in the panel and the electric box.

Screen shots of the room would be helpful if this doesn't fix it.
You state you have them connected but did it slide in.
It plugs in by itself if you take it close enough. It will drop down immediately if you haven't done it correctly.