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Full Version: Tech Demo vs Overture vs Black Plague
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Guyra, you wrote so much! xd

Petike, I do like the music so much too, and I listen to them especially when I'm alone in the street and the dark.
It's so scary that everybody should try it! It's like a continue for Penumbra!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

and btw, Clarence's voice fits so well as mentioned before, and his humor is stinging poor Philip.
It's like a black comedy (no offense on anyone)!
He scared me sometimes pretty much.
An example is like a clown- some people are scared from him, but HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY! XD
nackidno Wrote:You speak about the tech demo as it was a full game, but it isn't, it was used to show off.

Quote:The Tech demo was like a beta version of Penumbra: A bit flawed in gameplay.

It's because it's a demonstration of the HPL engine. Not a full game.

Quote:<--and they felt as though they were mostly there for show.

In case you didn't know, demo is short for Demostration. It was there to show off!

Yes, I'm doing that simply because this thread makes you choose between the three as equals. I am fully aware that it's a demonstration, I even think I noted it somewhere in my text..


Yes, all the way at the start of the "in depth" part in my previous post:
Quote:The tech demo was better, much darker and you never expected what to come. However, it felt much like a tech demo, too(...)

So, as said: I'm fully aware, but I added it and ranked it as an equal to the full games because this particular thread is about seeing how the Tech Demo, Overture, and Black Plague are compared to each other.
My Rating:

1. Tech Demo: Scary, un-predictable rooms
2. Black Plague: I liked the setting and...
Spoiler below!
The Turngait Zombie things!
3. Overture: I HATE ZOMBIE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Requiem (Nobody mentioned it yet): I like puzzles but no enemyies made me sad...
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