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Full Version: Tomb Raider
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I was getting close to completing it and I was having fun, just a couple of issues with it...

But then... I got struck with a problem I've only ever had happen once before in a game (Similiar thing in Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, I was around 85% story completion their to), ever. The fucking file got corrupted (70% completion about 6 hours played).

Somehow me blasting one of the Samurai with a shotgun made him disappear and the sound becoming an air pumping, bass, beatbox.
Found out his model was just invisible, killed him and the sound problem persisted. I saved the game, exited out and bam, message saying that the save file was corrupted so everything was reset to defaults. >.>

So... other than needed more polish, pacing was extremely fast (story wise) and poor story (Character to character interactions and dialogue) IMO. Game is alright.

Your opinions?
I haven't played it, but I'm probably gonna but it because it looks cool. I like that kind of adventure games or whatever you could call them. Sorry for the corrupt save file though :c
Tomb Raider is a masterpiece. A very good adventure.
I will post my review when I finished this game.

I'm playing for 15 hours now and completed 60% (never use survival instinct etc.)

That your saves become corrupted may is a problem of steam cloud.
(06-01-2012, 04:10 PM)Arvuti Wrote: [ -> ]the fuck is this, an american game that you don't hate, the world must be coming to an end.
Been watching a guys lets play of it, seems like a really good reboot.
@CorinthianMerchant - What?

I'm glad I bought it in Steam, because I guess in the background the game was constantly saving my data to their Cloud (Didn't lose any progress so I was able to complete the game.). I guess it took awhile for the steam files to sync my computer back up, because I'm happy that my save file was saved when I checked this morning. Although I wouldn't of minded of restarting the game again on Hard and trying the game without using Salvage or increasing my Skills.
I played 22 hours now and completed 79%.
Tomb Raider is also very good at horror.
I don't think that Tomb Raider is scary...But it is unsettling, creepy and quite disturbing at times.

One thing though, haha dat hair [Image: iBVaMU41d3WSY.png]

Still an amazing game though.
Yes, it is not scary, but some locations are extremely disturbing! And that means a lot when playing Silent Hill before.

Tomb Raider has a couple of horror, RPG, shooter and is a very good adventure at all.

It's an excellent reboot to the series, there's much to explore, good puzzles, fantastic environments and technologies. Never saw a game before looking so realistic and you really felt the same like Lara, that means you are immersed.

OK, the cutscenes and QTEs are a break of immersion, but they are not bad and don't ruin this good game.

When you don't use "survival instinct" mode, then Tomb Raider is a whole experience, better than all before.
QTE's don't really break immersion that much IMO, it's kind of shitty on how in PC version it sometimes doesn't tell what keys to press...But well smashing a button is KIND of being involved with the cutscene, so you won't just be staring motionlessly on how Lara fights some russian guy who is trying to rape her.
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