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Full Version: Amnesia Launcher Won't Start and Can't Uninstall
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My graphics card is good, for Amnesia had been working just fine up until now. I have a 64-bit laptop Dell XPS M1530. What happens is I double click on the Launcher and it doesn't start up. The loading wheel pops up for a second but goes away instead of pulling anything up. No error report or anything. I tried going into the folder but that launcher shortcut didn't work either. Please help! I really want to play...Sad

How to solve this
Look at my last message. It should explain everything. Big Grin
Where did you get the game from?
Frictional Games website. It's not through another gaming site; it was a straight download. I mean I guess I could delete the folder and re download, but I don't want to lose all of my stuff...
you can reinstall the game. the saved games are stored in a separate location and will not be deleted.
(03-10-2013, 09:28 AM)jens Wrote: [ -> ]you can reinstall the game. the saved games are stored in a separate location and will not be deleted.

Oh, okay jens, thank you so much!Big Grin

Should i run the uninstall and then install it again to the folder? like said in

Actually, I decided I must uninstall the game, but when I try to, it says I'm missing "C:/Program Files (x86)/Amnesia - The Dark Descent/unins000.msg" so I can't uninstall. Should I just delete the entire Amnesia folder and restart? Because I am more trying to get it to work rather than keeping my saves... SO MANY PROBLEMS... :'(
Okay, for anyone who has the same problems I did, here is the solution (thanks to jens for this too):

1. Extract the file bins over to the original file, then extract the application over/run the installer. Again, choose the original folder with all of the Amnesia stuff. You do not need to uninstall the game first; just simply install the game to the folder, and it should overwrite (and apparently, your saves also remain intact).

2. Your custom stories and full conversions will remain if you simply reinstall the game to the main folder without uninstalling the game first

3. If you do try to uninstall, but you get an error saying you do not have the uninst.msg or whatever, then when you first downloaded it, a security system prevented its being (McAfee calls it a "trojan," for it can delete the files, which is why it was blocked in the first place).

Okay, thank you jens for helping me solve my crisis! And I hope this helps out anyone else having these sort of problems.