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Full Version: Your opinion about Bigfoot
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Hey there all!

I was just watching some youtube videos out of boredom and bumped into this video and it actually looks pretty convincing since he puts some hard evidences on the table.

How is your thought about this legend?
Don't worry you won't be laughed at for having a certain thought or way of thinking.

Anyhow some people want to actually hunt down the "Bigfoot", this is my thought about it (I'm assuming you're all familiar with the Patterson Gimlin film?
Spoiler below!
Patterson Gimlin film is my number 1 doubt of whether it is a hoax or not, but I'm convinced that there is actually non edited footage of the real bigfoot legend.

Legend? Did I call it legend? I meant rare primate specie which we shouldn't hunt down, but cherish. It's a magnificent creature and have you heard it ever killed or even hurt anyone?

Why don't we see them that much?

*Maybe they're shy

*Perhaps they just want to be left allone.

*Afraid of being hunted down? (since it's a very intelligent creature)

*Close to extinction?

Think about this for a moment...

And please give some serious answers, don't want this to turn out in some sort of retarded posting thread

Just go ahead and watch the video, he really gives some hard evidence there.
i go hunt many times, no see bigfoot
(03-11-2013, 09:52 PM)wubwub Wrote: [ -> ]i go hunt many times, no see bigfoot

Meh just leave it alone if it doesn't threatens you.
If you DO see it, remember it's an endangered specie so just walk off or make a video of it and post it here Wink

(03-11-2013, 09:52 PM)wubwub Wrote: [ -> ]i go hunt many times, no see bigfoot

Or, go view the video I've posted with this thread, perhaps you get enough information to keep an eye out for so you might see one one day Wink

Also like said, they're highly intelligent and try to keep their distance, It might just be a brown or black spot you see. If anything seems a bit unnatural just keep watching it for a while, who knows...
[Image: StephanLIonFacedMan.jpg]
Bigfoot lives in san andreas.
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Rock Worm left too early... D:
From Wikipedia :

Quote: The scientific community discounts the existence of Bigfoot, as there
is no evidence supporting the survival of such a large, prehistoric
ape-like creature. The evidence that does exist points more towards a
hoax or delusion than to sightings of a genuine creature.[5] In a 1996 USA Today
article, Washington State zoologist John Crane said, "There is no such
thing as Bigfoot. No data other than material that's clearly been
fabricated has ever been presented."[68]
In addition to the lack of evidence, scientists cite the fact that
Bigfoot is alleged to live in regions unusual for a large, nonhuman
primate, i.e., temperate latitudes in the northern hemisphere; all
recognized nonhuman apes are found in the tropics of Africa and Asia.

As with other proposed megafauna cryptids, climate and food supply
issues would make such a creature's survival in reported habitats
Great apes are not found in the fossil record in the Americas, and no
Bigfoot remains are known to have been found. Scientific consensus is
that the breeding population of such an animal would be so large that it
would account for many more purported sightings than currently occur,
making the existence of such an animal an almost certain impossibility.[6]
In the 1970s, when Bigfoot "experts" were frequently given high-profile
media coverage, the scientific community generally avoided lending
credence to the theories by debating them.[70]

A few scientists have been less skeptical about the claims of the existence of Sasquatch. Idaho university professor Jeffrey Meldrum characterizes the search for Sasquatch as "a valid scientific endeavor",[citation needed] and says that the fossil remains of an ancient giant ape called Gigantopithecus could turn out to be ancestors of today’s commonly known Bigfoot.[71] John Napier asserts that the scientific community's attitude towards Bigfoot stems primarily from insufficient evidence.[72] Other scientists who have shown varying degrees of interest in the legend are anthropologist David Daegling,[73] field biologist George Shaller,[68][74][75] Russell Mittermeier, Daris Swindler, Esteban Sarmiento,[76] and discredited racial anthropologist Carleton S. Coon.[77]

Jane Goodall,
in a September 27, 2002, interview on National Public Radio's "Science
Friday", expressed her ideas about the existence of Bigfoot. First
stating "I'm sure they exist", she later went on to say, chuckling,
"Well, I'm a romantic, so I always wanted them to exist", and finally:
"You know, why isn't there a body? I can't answer that, and maybe they
don't exist, but I want them to."[7]

Basically a brief summary. It burns down to this: If we've seen bigfoot, and he is real, why isn't he in a cage? The alleged animal is clearly clumsy enough to be seen. It would not be hard to find a giant, clumsy ape in an alleged habitat. We've discovered more illusive creatures.
Ask and thou shall receive. My opinion on bigfoot.

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