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Full Version: Game Gifts & Codes Giveaways (Read Rules & No Requests) [Steam/Origin/Other]
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Sure you can, added.
Oh! Mine, they're all valid until the 31/07/2013 Smile
Remind me to remove them at 1/8 here.
I've got a 25% off coupon for Dungeon hearts; Anybody want it?
Added to main post
(07-28-2013, 10:46 PM)plutomaniac Wrote: [ -> ]Added to main post

It doesn't say my name after :/

Also, it's available until August 2.
Hi :)

I've got two spare 10% off discount coupons for Toki Tori 2+ (valid until 10 July 2014).


(07-25-2013, 03:19 PM)plutomaniac Wrote: [ -> ]Remind me to remove them at 1/8 here.

I was looking at the post from today (about Toki Tori 2+) and looked at the date it was last modified. It said the post was last modified today at 2:06 PM. Where is this site based? It's 10:17 AM here.
Try selecting your time zone here.

02:06 PM was the time I edited the post according to my time zone which is WET (currently on DST so it's GMT+1). Now it's 03:27 PM here.
Yes, select your normal time zone and set DST to auto. After that, we should all be on the same page.