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Full Version: Game Gifts & Codes Giveaways (Read Rules & No Requests) [Steam/Origin/Other]
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That's not what I asked, but thanks anyway.
I was just wondering if someone knew these games were good. I might purchase them anyway, they're not that expensive.
That's usually what reading up on a few reviews will tell you! Big Grin
Free gaming for charity!

Feed yourself, your family or your pets InRealLife!

Get some bucks to spend on food or games!


I wish you happy gaming!
And I wish you happy banning!
WIWWM, may I have a copy of Super Hexagon?
Are you gonna let's play it?
Possibly rage-play it. But my modem's acting up, so I won't be able to upload anything. Might need to ask a bit about that in a new thread.

EDIT: Never mind, modem seems to be fine again. lol It's odd how it just does that for no apparent reason, killing me.
Okay add me on steam. Same name as here.
(02-11-2014, 09:35 PM)WIWWM Wrote: [ -> ]Okay add me on steam. Same name as here.

Just PM me your Steam ID since I am writing this from school at the moment.

Then you can send me that one copy that I requested from you. Hopefully. But is it just for me, or wasn't that added to the list of games yet?