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Full Version: Game Gifts & Codes Giveaways (Read Rules & No Requests) [Steam/Origin/Other]
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I have
Mirror's Edge - Origin
Medal of Honor - Origin
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising - Origin
-25% Coupon for Pixel Piracy on Steam.
WIWWM, I'd like to take "Dear Esther" off your list there, if you don't mind. You know where to contact me. I'll confirm the thing once it's done.
Friend of mine took the humble bundle for popcap games.
Is that the group in the first row of the Origin list?
Yes. it is
I added Reus, LIMBO and Thomas was alone to the list. Thomas was alone is an awesome game, I highly recommend it.
Can I have LIMBO please?
I'll take Thomas Was Alone as well if it's available! Smile
Dear Esther not working, please remove.