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Full Version: Someone send me a download link or sumthin
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I want to add the penumbra BP monster into amnesia for a little customstory or a screw around map I have made. I have the monster model but no sound. Please! someone reply to this with either a download of all the sounds or the whole monsters content (Id rather have the whole thing). I will keep searching for one so if your reading this please try help!
Go there and download White Night
Then you have a cool mod AND the monster you want { i guess }
OR download Mental Memorial there inside the mental memorial map->entities->Monsters OR amnesiahill -> monsters
You will see almost all of the monsters!
Here, this might be better because it's a download with only the Infected and the dog.
Sorry both you guys I forgot about checking this and I didn't bookmark it so thx for your help, ill get both Wink