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Full Version: Game crashes
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Sorry for my english.
I've just bought full version. I can't play without unmounting swap, becouse with swap game loads everything into ram, then unloads ram and copy everything to swap, and then copy everything from swap to ram and then copy everything to swap... and go on, and computer crashes. When i unmount swap, game loads, but after few minutes it's crash, backs to desktop, but mouse won't work. ctrl+alt+backspace helps only to mouse, becouse without full system restart game won't run.
I have Radeon X1100
768MB ram
Ubuntu 8.04

Please, help me becouse I really want to play this game.

Today I've tested game on another computer.
p4 3ghz
Radeon 9800 pro
512 ram
Ubuntu 8.04

There is a similar peoblem, but when game is loading game crashes alll system, when i deactivate swap game loads but without sound... And after few minutes it's crash just like on my laptop.