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Full Version: Need help with making examine area unactive!
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I'm working on a custom story where I want a examine area to disappear (become unactive) when the player has touched it once. I use SetEntityCallbackFunc, but the examine area is still there after I've touched it.. Do areas even count as enteties? Here's my script:

void OnStart()
SetEntityCallbackFunc("ExamineArea_2", "TextGone1");

void TextGone1(string &in asEntity, string &in type)
SetEntityActive("ExamineArea_2", false);

Please help!
I don't think you can create a callback from an examine-area... If you just want text to show up when you click it, why not just use a regular area?

You can use the SetMessage("Category", "Entry", 0);
It'll work fine.
Use SetEntityPlayerInteractCallback.

PHP Code:
void OnStart()

void TextGone1(string &in asEntity