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Full Version: Say something about the signature of the person above you
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Pretty self-explanatory.
What do you think about the signature of the previous poster? Do you like it? Or not? Did it change your life for the better? Or has it made your worst nightmare come true? Yeah, I guess you get the idea.

Also, yes, I'm bored.
I liek apples being a part of our goood society.
mai face, oz ztep on, by boot Sad
It's thug yo.
Hitman and Splinter Cell. Sure is some good games Wink
Something about this signature gives me the feeling that he likes Pokémon.
its a signature about apples, and its blue
You're a dog.
Damn, that tiger be chillin' and if you want to be called tiger I'll grant your wish: Hey Tiger!
I guess you're either fat or struggling to keep fit.

off-topic: I don't really know why my signature says "Call me Tiger" anymore, Since I've changed my name from 'Tigerwaw' to 'Tiger' now.