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Full Version: What i have to do in Unbirth?
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I have downloaded Unbirth, i install it, everything ok, i launch it an start a new game. Everything is dark and just a bulb and another strange thing can be see, i walk around blind and just see some ¿posters? and a ¿metal door? that can´t be opened because it would be fool to get in without a ¿source of light?.

How on earth i have some ligt to see, just the walls lol!?

i can do nothing there!

Find the flashlight.
Find the screwdriver.

Use the screwdriver on the battery box (to the right of the closet thing) to get batteries
Combine the batteries with the flashlight.
Press "F" to turn on the flashlight.
Lol how on earth i could find the flashlight and the screwdriver if i can´t see my hands? lol

coudl specify where? on the left of the metal door? or what?

thanks man!
turn up the gamma

i got a question too:
- how to open the door in the street with a number lock?
where can i find the code?
- is there a way to open the hatch or the door to your neighbour?
My question is : How do I open the darn door to the next level ? :-D
So... how on earth i turn up gamma? when i go to Options > Gamma i can´t touch anything there, just the Back button. Wut? i have to adjust my monitor gamma?