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Full Version: [Trailer +Mod DB page] Quest For Laudanum - Full Conversion
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Quest For Laudanum
A Full conversion mod

Release date: Unknown

This is my first mod for Amnesia! :D

Spoiler below!
21th October, 1962. President John F. Kennedy is meeting with the members of EXCOMM, to choose between an air strike against the Cuban missle bases, and a naval blockade. In the meantime, the American agents in the Soviet Union just found valuable information about the Soviets' next plan. They are planning to send some of their agents to Castle Guthie in Scotland. There is a rumor, that the owner of that castle invented a healing serum, called "Laudanum". If the rumor is true, and they find the serum, they will get a huge advantage over us. Your objectve is the find the serum before the Soviets gets their hands on it. Your code name will be "Shadow".


Mod DB page:

-Story centered gameplay
-Dark, creepy atmosprehe
-More than 5 different endings
-Challenging Puzzles
-Custom music
-Custom lantern
-Custom Enemy
-Unique game mechanics
-No teleporting naked guys
-No poofer monsters
-Some easter eggs :)


Story - 100%
Mapping - 85%
Scripting - 10%
Models - 40%
Sounds - 20%
Music - 20%


Voice Actors
Spoiler below!
Here is a list of the characters who need to be voice acted:

William's wife
20-40 years old, female, scottish accent

Enemy monster
30-50 years old, male, russian accent

If you are interested, PM me and send a voice sample.

Please leave a comment below, tell your opinion/suggestions about the story, screenshots, etc.
why the monster speaks Russian? xD
(04-26-2013, 05:10 PM)Amn Wrote: [ -> ]why the monster speaks Russian? xD

You will see... Smile
Well...the story sure is a bit different from the usual custom story plots! Big Grin I'd change the name of the healing serum to something else though, if I were you. Laudanum is a real drug that's been invented in the 16th century - it's simply a tincture made of opium, used to relief pain. So nothing really fancy and certainly not a wondrous unknown new healing elixir Wink
Screenshot added about the new game mechanics. Not tellng any information about it. Smile
How can you speak with no accent?
I wonder this aswell.. There's no such thing as ''no accent''
(05-03-2013, 07:20 PM)Traggey Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder this aswell.. There's no such thing as ''no accent''

I believe he means a person whose native language is English, therefore he has no accent when he speaks English.
Even if that's what he meant, there's still Canadian ("Newfie" being one of the more noticeable), American (West coast, East coast, rural, New York, etc within just American), English (aka Brittish), Scottish, Australian and Irish accents within the language (although, in North America, "no accent" is American). I'm sure I missed out on some place with a variation of English dialect - I'm sorry D:
I mean even if you go to the originating land of england, which I guess is the only place you could say ''no accent'' even though that still doesn't make sense, that place is also filled with tons of different ''English accents'' so.. Yeah.
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