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Full Version: Guess something about the person below you
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Another unoriginal thread idea from another planet, but imo a must-have for every off-topic forum.


Poster A: The person below like trees

Poster B: I don't like trees, they're green like goblins. The person below can drive.

Poster C: Nope, handicapped. The person below had pizza for dinner etc.

Excuse the lack of creativity above, I'm hungry atm. Basically answer, elaborate and question. Word it however you like, have fun with it!

The person below plays a musical instrument.
Does my penis count?

The person below me is one of the regulars to FG.
Sort of. I used to be active more, but intend on being more active than I have been lately.

The person below has a lot of songs on their playlist on any device capable of playing it.
I had a Mp4 whit all my shit... the damn thing glitched out though. I can't seem to be able to research its battery.

The Person bellow me as unusually large nipples.
Kinda. Just Windows Media Player.

The person below already masturbated.
False. Doing it as we speak.

The person below me wants desperately to witness the sexual relations of Pewdiepie and Cryaotic.
NO. I don't want my hero to do shit with scream-at-your-face guy.

The person below me wants to have sex so bad.
True. I'm a little, sad, teenage boy who urges for feminine genitals.

The person below me is addicted to candy.
Not really. I like sugar, but candy? not so much.

The person below me is a male.

The person below me downloaded illegal music.
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