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Full Version: BlackWhite
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A quick map.

Download link:

Thanks Adrianis for helping me out with part of the scripting!
It just repeats and you don't progress.
F is your friend.
Any more info?
What to do \ what's the purpose?
I played it, loooks really weird \ cool! in it's own way.
I see 0 couple of times and can't continue..
Maye some help \ info ?
Nothing for me, i'll pass his one.
I made it quickly, so not much to expect! The purpose is to experience "it". No hints, leads etc. but if people are really stuck ~

Spoiler below!
Pressing "F" will ping your environment for secrets, revealing otherwise "invisible" things. It's sort of your way to "interact with the environment" other than clicking and dragging.
Just finished it. Really nice and refreshing little mod Smile

Ending was pretty confusing, but cool, nice work man Tongue
Fun little game, very weird, nice work!
Spoiler below!
What is this devil thing, and why did it make me scream...

No logical explanation for why it was disturbing.

An innovatory experience.

Now I'm gonna hear it wasn't supposed to be scary. -.-
Glad people enjoyed : ]