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Full Version: Penumbra Overture bug
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Hi! I have a bug in penumbra overture, in the Explosives area theres no tnt barrel. Please help me. Thank you.

Picture: [Image: 2z8yfkx.jpg]
It's been a long time so I don't remember but are you sure it is supposed to be there? If yes, do a file integrity check via steam or reinstall to fix corrupted files.
I did that and it said 2578 files failed to validate. It downloaded them and theres no tnt barrel still. I checked pewdiepie's penumbra overture playtrough and there was tnt barrel there.

The starting is easy so starting new game would help? , Problem I.

Do the local file deletion and after redownloading do the file integrity check. Afterwards, try loading an earlier save game.

Spoiler below!
and don't watch pewdiepie's stuff...
(05-16-2013, 07:48 PM)plutomaniac Wrote: [ -> ]try loading an earlier save game.

and don't watch pewdiepie's stuff...

I lodaed earlier save and it worked! Thanks.

And i watch pewdiepie if i want :/