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Full Version: The Weird and Wonderful World of Wikipedia
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[ This is a list I was compiling on another forum from numerous sources and user submissions. I'll add links to this post as you submit them. ]

If you're bored and feel like going on a Wikipedia adventure, here are the strangest, weirdest or just most interesting articles the place has to offer, hand-picked by individual users.

Note that Wikipedia generally doesn't censor its articles, so some of them may contain NSFW images.

[ A ]
Spoiler below!
Acoustic Kitty | A CIA project from the 1960s involving the use of spy cats.
Ancient Egyptian burial customs | Egyptian funeral rites, including practices such as mummification.
Ant dairy farmers | These ants literally farm aphids for their "milk".
Antikythera mechanism | An ancient mechanical computer.
Albert Fish | A sadistic rapist, serial killer and cannibal of children.
Alien hand syndrome | When your hand has a mind of its own.
Allegory of the Cave | Philosophical story about reality.
Ancient astronaut theories | Stupid but fascinating theories about, well, ancient astronauts.
Aokigahara | A forest which features heavily in Japanese mythology.
Apert syndrome | A congenital birth defect. Includes images you might find upsetting.
Armin Meiwes | The German cannibal who ate a consenting adult.
Aum Shinrikyo | Japanese religious terrorists.

[ B ]
Spoiler below!
Baghdad Battery | An ancient battery.
Baigong Pipes | Pipe-like formations whose origins are disputed.
Behavior-altering parasites and parasitoids | Mind-control insect zombies.
Belgian UFO wave | A series of triangular UFO sightings over Belgium.
Blepharoplasty | Eyelid surgery.
Bloop | A once unidentified underwater sound recorded by the NOAA.
Bog body | The corpses of ancient peoples found in bogs, highly preserved because of the unique environment of bogland. Contains images you might find disturbing. See also: List of bog bodies.
Book of Kells | A famous Celtic rendering of the four Gospels.
Brain in a vat | Philosophical musings about reality.
Brazen bull | An execution device in which a victim is cooked alive.
Breaking wheel | A torture/execution device for smashing limbs.
Bunny Man | Urban legend about a ghost living under a bridge.

[ C ]
Spoiler below!
Capgras delusion | When you believe your loved one has been replaced by an imposter.
Carl Tanzler | Classic boy meets girl fairytale.
Cecil Hotel | A Los Angeles hotel with an unusual history and past guest list.
Chandre Oram | Man with tail. Kinda.
Charles Bonnet syndrome | Vision-impaired people having visual hallucinations.
Charles Domery | A Polish soldier who couldn't stop eating.
Charles Ingram | A British man who cheated his way to winning the top prize on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Chijon family | A South Korean cannibal gang.
Children kept in captivity | Self-explanatory.
Cock and ball torture | Sexual practice involving the abuse of male genitals. Contains... images.
Collective unconscious | Carl Jung's theory about an inherited unconscious.
Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case | Teenagers indulging in a bit of recreational torture/murder.
Cargo cult | A kind of religion which casts the veracity of all others into serious doubt.
Cleveland Torso Murderer | An unidentified serial killer.
Conservapedia | Until I was assured this was real I thought it was a Stephen Colbert-style parody.
The Cure for Insomnia | A 3 and a half day long movie featuring poetry, porn and heavy metal.

[ D ]
Spoiler below!
David Parker Ray | Serial killer/torturer with a $100,000 torture chamber.
David Reimer | A young boy with a ruined penis is reassigned as a girl, but doesn't quite take to it.
Death by sawing | Self-explanatory, really.
Death of Sharon Lopatka | A woman goes online to invite a man to murder her.
Dehomag | IBM's involvement in the boosted efficiency of the Final Solution.
Deep-sea gigantism | The deeper you go the bigger they get.
Delphine LaLaurie | A high society cunt who tortured black slaves.
Dnepropetrovsk maniacs | Teenage serial killing duo responsible for the "3 Guys 1 Hammer" video.
Donohue syndrome | A birth defect also known as Leprechaunism.
Dream argument | Philosophical musings about what can be considered reality.
Dyatlov Pass incident | Nine ski hikers die.

[ E ]
Spoiler below!
E. coli long-term evolution experiment | A 20-year experiment on evolution.
Ectopia cordis | Born with your heart on the outside of your body.
Exploding head syndrome | Brain screams.
Elizabeth Báthory | An incredibly sick bitch from the olden days who features prominently in black metal lyrics.
Emerald cockroach wasp | A wasp which "uses" cockroaches in its reproductive cycle. Horrendous stuff.
Emu War | A 1930s plan to control the emu population - with machine guns.
Encephalocele | A severe birth defect which causes the brain to be developed outside the skull.
Experiments in the Revival of Organisms | The movie Disney has been ripping off for decades.
False awakenings | Dreaming that you've woken up.

[ F ]
Spoiler below!
Feral child | A child who grows up in isolation, away from human contact.
Fetal abduction | The phenomenon of the removal and abduction of unborn children.
Fetus in fetu | Babies born "pregnant" with foetus-like growths. Includes an image you might find upsetting.
Forbidden Plateau | A haunted hill.
Freddie Scappaticci | A British spy known as "Stakeknife" who infiltrated the IRA.
Fritz Haarmann | German serial killer who operated before WWII.
Fritzl case | Josef Fritzl keeps his daughter and their offspring prisoner for decades.

[ G ]
Spoiler below!
Giant's Causeway | Hexagonal rocks in Northern Ireland which are allegedly interesting.
Genu valgum | Also known as "knock-knee", a condition of the legs.
Gloria Ramirez | A woman dubbed "the toxic lady" because of her blood's effects on her doctors/nurses.
Gravity hill | A hill which appears to defy the laws of nature, but doesn't.
Guinea Pig (film series) | Japanese horror movie series, one of which was thought to be real by Charlie Sheen.

[ H ]
Spoiler below!
Harlequin-type ichthyosis | A severe birth defect.
Head transplant | Self-explanatory.
Heaven's Gate | Suicidal religious cult.
Heavener Runestone | A stone with some strange carvings.
Hello Kitty murder | A woman is abducted, tortured, decapitated and the head placed inside a Hello Kitty doll.
Hinterkaifeck | A murder mystery Shakespeare would be proud of.
Hollow-Face illusion | A profoundly bizarre optical illusion.
Human placentophagy | The human consumption of placenta.
Human reactions to infrasound | Self-explanatory.
Hurler syndrome | A severe birth defect.

[ I ]
Spoiler below!
Infibulation | The act of sewing labia and foreskins shut. Contains photos of the end result.
Iron maiden (torture device) | An upright coffin lined with spikes.
Issei Sagawa | Japanese cannibal who escaped a lengthy prison sentence and is now a minor celebrity.
Information Awareness Office | Post-9/11 Big Brother surveillance.

[ J ]
Spoiler below!
James Dallas Egbert III | A suicidal teenager.
Jerusalem syndrome | A mental disorder which affects an unsettlingly large numbers of tourists in Jerusalem.
Jonestown | Another suicidal religious cult.
John and Lorena Bobbitt | How to cure a rapist.
John Murray Spear | A spiritualist who wanted to create an electrified Messiah.
Judas cradle | Torture device on which victims' anuses and vaginas were repeatedly impaled.

[ K ]
Spoiler below!
Kaoru Kobayashi | A Japanese sex offender who kidnapped, raped and murdered 7-year-old Kaede Ariyama.
Kaspar Hauser | A kid who claimed to have grown up in a cell.
Kensington Runestone | Possible evidence that Scandinavians reached America in the 14th century.
Kobe child murders | A 14-year-old murders two fellow children in Japan.
Kuru | A disease which makes you laugh until you die.

[ L ]
Spoiler below!
Lead Masks Case | Two inexplicably dead electricians with weird outfits.
Lina Medina | The world's youngest MILF.
Lingchi | An abolished form of brutal capital punishment from China.
List of animals with fraudulent diplomas | Demonstrating the incredibility of "diploma mills".
List of common misconceptions | Everything you know is wrong. Except this.
List of paradoxes | A list of mind-melting challenges to your very perception of reality.
List of parasites of humans | Self-explanatory.
List of paraphilias | A list of sexual kinks/fetishes.
List of phobias | Self-explanatory.
List of school pranks | Self-explanatory!
List of serial killers by number of victims | I can't believe this competition is still ongoing!
Liquid breathing | Remember the rat in the movie The Abyss?
Lotus birth | When the umbilical cord is left attached after birth until it separates naturally.
Luka Mognotta | Canadian porn actor, animal abuser, murderer, cannibal, necrophile and wannabe celebrity.
Luis Garavito | A Columbian rapist and serial killer.

[ M ]
Spoiler below!
Mad Gasser of Mattoon | A series of gas attacks or a case of mass hysteria?
Mamoru Takuma | A Japanese mass murderer responsible for the Osaka school massacre.
Man-eating tree | Self-explanatory.
Marvin Heemeyer | Pissed off businessman in a modified bulldozer.
Mary Tofts | Woman gives birth to rabbits? Dr. House would never have fallen for this shit!
Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion | A now legendary hacker hijacking of a television broadcast.
McGurk effect | An interaction between hearing and vision and how one can override/combine with the other.
Mellified man | Turn yourself into medicine!
Michael Larson | This man memorized the pseudo-random patterns of a game show prize board.
Michael Malloy | Michael "Durable Mike" Malloy: the [almost] indestructible Irishman.
Micropenis | A tiny little penis. The article contains three photographs showing the phenomenon.
Mike the Headless Chicken | Colonel Sanders' worst nightmare. The article shows a photograph of a living, headless chicken.
Monkeys in Space | Self-explanatory.
Montauk Project | The US government dabbles with time travel.

[ N ]
Spoiler below!
National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation | A bizarre last minute pardon for poultry.
Nayirah (testimony) | An infamous and totally fabricated testimony which generated support for the first Gulf War.
Nazi concentration camps | The camps used by the Nazis during WWII.
Nazi talking dogs | The Nazis tried training dogs to speak.

[ O ]
Spoiler below!
Omayra Sánchez | A girl trapped after a natural disaster is unable to be saved.
Operation Minstead | One of the worst rapists to ever walk the earth.
Operation Paperclip | Nazi scientists have their uses, apparently.
Out-of-place artefact | Artefacts which turn up where they shouldn't.
Oxana Malaya | A feral child who was raised by dogs.

[ P ]
Spoiler below!
Paris syndrome | Japanese immigrants and tourists don't enjoy Paris as much as they think they will.
Paul Bernardo | A Canadian serial killer and rapist.
Penile subincision | A form of penis modification as fucked-up as it sounds. Contains a photo of a split cock.
Penis panic (Koro) | A syndrome which causes people to fear that their genitalia is shrinking/disappearing.
PlayStation Network outage | The Sony PlayStation network is shut down by hackers
Pope Lick Monster | Half man, half goat and half sheep? The fat fucker!
Pricasso | An artist who paints using his penis, scrotum and buttocks.
Project ARTICHOKE | Mind control research.
Project MKULTRA | Mind control research.
Pykrete | A form of ice stronger than steel?

[ Q ]
Spoiler below!
Quantum suicide and immortality | A thought experiment involving quantum mechanics.

[ R ]
Spoiler below!
Richard Kuklinski | Also known as The Iceman, he was an extremely successful contract killer.
Risks to civilization, humans, and planet Earth | Self-explanatory.
Roanoke Colony | A short-lived American colony which later became California.
Robert the Doll | The story of the "cursed" doll which inspired the Child's Play movie(s).
Robert Wadlow | The tallest (confirmed) man who ever lived.
Roman dodecahedron | A puzzling Roman object.
Russian Woodpecker | A strange soviet shortwave radio signal which broadcast between 1976 & 1989.

[ S ]
Spoiler below!
Saint Patrick's Battalion | Irish immigrants who switched sides during the Mexican/American war.
Sailing stones | Some bizarre chess game played by nature.
Salish Sea human foot discoveries | Human feet found on the beach.
Sasebo slashing | An 11-year-old girl murders a 12-year-old girl with a Stanley knife.
Sati | Outlawed Indian tradition of a widow burning herself to death on her husband's funeral pyre.
Scissor Sisters | Two Irish sisters who brutally hammered/knifed a man to death.
Sedlec Ossuary | A church decorated with thousands of skeletons.
Shakespeare authorship question | There was a second penman on the grassy knoll.
Shankill Butchers | Sectarian mass murderers from Belfast.
Slow Down (unidentified sound) | An underwater sound recording which has yet to be explained.
Solway Firth Spaceman | A photograph showing a "spaceman" in the background.
Starchild skull | A human skull with some unusual features.
Stendhal syndrome | Extreme panic attack-like reactions to art/natural beauty.
Strappado | Torture method designed to dislocate the shoulders.

[ T ]
Spoiler below!
Tama (cat) | A cat who holds the position of Super Station Master at Kishi train station in Japan.
Taman Shud Case | An unidentified dead guy.
Tanganyika laughter epidemic | An outbreak of hysterical laughter.
Tarrare | A French soldier with a bottomless gut.
Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca head | The head of a figurine found in Mexico which doesn't appear to belong there.
Teratoma | Tumour with tissue or undeveloped organ components in it. Contains inoffensive images.
Teresa of Ávila | A sainted nun who featured prominently in the Spanish renaissance.
Thalidomide | The drug given to pregnant women which severely deformed their babies.
Therac-25 | A really shit radiotherapy machine.
Texas Slave Ranch | A ranch in Texas which... well, you get the idea.
Toynbee tiles | Strange messages embedded in asphalt all around the Americas.
Trepanning | Primitive, superstition-driven brain surgery.
The Troubles | The Northern Irish conflict.
Tsutomu Miyazaki | A serial killer/necrophile/cannibal who was a fan of the Guinea Pig movies.
Tsutomu Yamaguchi | Bomb-proof Jap. Survived both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs.
Tuskegee syphilis experiment | Unsuspecting black people used as human guinea pigs in the U.S.

[ U ]
Spoiler below!
Unit 731 | Infamous Japanese biochemical warfare experimentation camp from WWII.

[ V ]
Spoiler below!
Virgin boy egg | A delicacy where eggs are boiled in prepubescent boys' urine, because Chinese medicine.
Vish Kanya | Female assassins who made themselves immune to poison and then sexed their victims to death.
Voynich manuscript | An ancient & mysterious handwritten manuscript.

[ W ]
Spoiler below!
Waco siege | The BATF slaughters the Branch Davidians.
Who put Bella in the Wych Elm? | Graffiti referring to a body found inside a tree.
Wunderwaffe | The German "wonder-weapons" program which began in WWII.

[ Y ]
Spoiler below!
Year and a day rule | A law which states that you aren't a murderer if your victim doesn't die for a year and a day.

[ Z ]
Spoiler below!
Zapatista Army of National Liberation/EZLN | Non-violent leftist group in Mexico.
When I'm somewhat bored and looking for something to do it might happen that I go to wikipedia and use the "random article" button. Unexpected and perhaps interesting stuff might show up.
Very true, but the above articles are "curated" for their weirdness/interest Wink
In that case, why not throw in a chance at luck with the actual Wikipedia random page link? Tongue
I added the "random article" link to the top of the post.

Spoil sports.
The Armin Meiwes article is great; never heard of it before.

EDIT: Fuck it, it is first degree murder. Consensual, but I guess there isn't any problem with the sentence.
(05-25-2013, 04:20 PM)ROMul8r Wrote: [ -> ]Also, here's some sorta interesting stuff I know of.

Added Big Grin Cheers!

(05-25-2013, 04:23 PM)Bridge Wrote: [ -> ]The Armin Meiwes article is great; never heard of it before.

EDIT: Fuck it, it is first degree murder. Consensual, but I guess there isn't any problem with the sentence.

Haha it's been an interesting journey reading your revisions to your post!

If you're interested (and why wouldn't you be?) here are three screenshots from the Armin Meiwes video showing him butchering the body:

Spoiler below!

Huh, the article says the video was never released. Where did these screenshots come from?

Also, for curiosity's sake how do you check past edits on posts? I didn't even know such a feature existed.
(05-25-2013, 07:03 PM)Bridge Wrote: [ -> ]Huh, the article says the video was never released. Where did these screenshots come from?

The video was never released but those images somehow got leaked.

(05-25-2013, 07:03 PM)Bridge Wrote: [ -> ]Also, for curiosity's sake how do you check past edits on posts? I didn't even know such a feature existed.

Nah there's no feature like that, I just happened to check the thread a few times over the last couple of hours and noticed your edits Wink
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