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Full Version: Were their any story shown behind red in bp?
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Just making sure I didn't miss anything but can't remember how much he was mentioned. I know clarance mentions him all the time but anything worthwhile of his backround and such like notes? I played the games in the wrong order so didn't have a clue who red was till after I already finished the first one.

Also just realised this isen't in right section thought I was in hint's and spoilers.

- I miss red /tear
we all miss red (may he rest in piece! :'( ) you find some notes(diaries) of him in the end i think, been a year(and over that) since i played overture so i cant remember, but im pretty sure i read a note where he said how hes development had been, that he had been eating animals/bugs in the end(no not that spider research dude, allthough its pritty similar;P)
but i cannot say for sure, but we know for fact he had been there for an awful long time and was one of the few in the mines, outside the facilities where the others where. He was one of the last sane persons in the game, allthough he had become crazy, which ofcourse i do understand why, he wasnt a total infected, allthough he had clarence in his head and was most likely becoming a zombie...) he must have been a scientist of some kind, maybe a communicator(seemed to know alot about it) he must also have been close to that infection when it started, since he ended up with havin clarence in his head, until he died and clarence came to philip
we do not know what role red had in this experiment, if he was important or not, only that he was there, and must have done something
hopefully the expansion pack that is coming will explain to us what happened and what role red had Smile
Yes, I believe there was a reference to him in Black Plague via notes once or twice.
May he rest in pieces. Bloody, decomposing pieces.
I thought he got incinerated

ashes to ashes
dust to dust