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Full Version: PICTURES OF REQUIREM!!! [7-8-08)
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i don't have school, only work. although when I was in college, I had to go in on a Tuesday, the day of the release of Penumbra Black Plague, so I had a 4 hour day at work, hour gap to get the game, go to school for 4 hours, get back, then play it.
niccce, to anyones knowledge, are there any new enemies?
Looks awesome, but doesn't look as scary with all of that open space. I doubt there'd be new enemies, it's probably more of just a map extension.
Nice one. Can't wait for more!
darthvulture Wrote:it can and it will happenBig Grin
i start school the 18th so be happy u hav longer holiday than me:O

i start at 20 september
But all of you who go back to school in August, are you on holiday at the moment?

I start my holiday next Wednesday and go back to school on 4th September. Wish I had longer. :\
whats jo291s getting really exited and bouncing of the walls level?

ITS OVER 900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000!

seroiusly new screenshots get me this exited for the game!

and yes i do actually bounce of the walls if i happen to be at a sugar high at the now.
Where did you get these shots from????????
Ohh, cool. Funny, why hasn't frictional posted them on the site or in the forums..
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