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Full Version: Black screen Own Custom Story
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(06-16-2013, 09:36 AM)Amn Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-15-2013, 08:49 AM)SheldonCooper Wrote: [ -> ]PS: Sorry for the bad Englishh. I am 12 and Dutch
Oh a little bro.

I got no idea what you're doing but

1. open your custom_story_settings.cfg file and make sure this value matches your starting area inside your map. StartPos = "AreaStartPosition"
Also check this one, this should say your map. StartMap = ""

2. Then, in your map, find the starting area, click it, click the drop down menu and change its type to "PlayerStart".

3. I know you said you have light, but still, make another one, place a huge boxlight where your StartingArea is.

4. What's next? floor, make sure you have a floor with collision active. And put the StartingArea above it.

5. And last, put your script (.hps) file inside a zip or rename it to something else. Just a moment, in case something it's not right.

6. Then open Amnesia, launch your cs and while it loads repeats the words "peace and sex" 3 times. It never fails.
Quote:It never fails.
Never ever?
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