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Full Version: Compilation Error LNK2001
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Hello there,
first forgive my english, I'm not native,
so I'm very interested by HPL engine because I want to try programming a game engine by myself as a hobby, and I have a lot to learnBig Grin!

I follow the JKO Guide, and eventually succeed to compile HPL and OALWrapper (correctly I suppose, ie. with alut) but overture resists!

I searched a lot (I read almost all error post, I don't want to duplicate a post Confused) on the forum, but didn't find anything...

The error is (message is in french but pretty explicit) :
Erreur 2 error LNK2001: symbole externe non résolu "public: __thiscall cOAL_CustomStream::cOAL_CustomStream(struct tStreamCallbacks const &,struct tStreamInfo const &,void *)" (??0cOAL_CustomStream@@QAE@ABUtStreamCallbacks@@ABUtStreamInfo@@PAX@Z) D:\C++\FrictionalGame\OuvertureSource\PenumbraOverture\OALWrapper.lib(OAL_Device.obj)

I really want to understand how this thing work, but I'm not familiar with linking library...
Need little help, please...
(06-19-2013, 11:13 AM)Grashwandir Wrote: [ -> ]Need little help, please...

I had the same issue yesterday:

Basically the project doesn't contain the OAL_CustomStream.cpp file but it is present on your drive. So just include it into the project and it should compile fine.
I'm really stupidDodgy, I thought that just having the file in the directory was enough... but I had to add it in the OALWrapper project files (which could compile without it and without any error!) with the header.
AND it works fine!
Thank you a lot!

Now I have to test running it... so maybe see u soon ^^