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My favorite stealth game and one of the best game series (regardless of genre). Anybody else shares the feeling ? Discuss ! :-)
I do. I know a guy trying to revive this feeling in a fan game, it looks really great this far. The thing that interests me the most is (like Penumbra) that the game relies on the physics, everything is based upon physics.

If you got a rope arrow and shoot it upon a barrel high up on a platform or the like, if you start climbing, the player mass will drag the barrel down, meaning the player will get the barrel in his/her face! Aaaaww what I like that, why didn't Ionstorm think about that? Since T3 uses physics.

But now back to the Thief series. It's the best Sneak Them Up (Yes, there are such a genre) game I know. My favorite faction is Hammerites and City Watch, their comments when running after you after being spot makes me laugh so much at times! Big Grin
Yea, I know Thief too! Very good games I must say! Smile

I've heard that 4th Thief game might be coming... Anyone else heard of this?
I heard about it some years ago. No new updates what I know though. ^^
There are rumors going around that Eidos Montreal will be working on Thief 4 as soon as they finish Deus Ex 3.

Over at TTLG there are discussions about it. There seems to be some substance to the rumors, i.e. not just speculations.
I've never played Thief, but so far my favorite stealth game is Metal Gear Solid 4.
You should try it, it's very good! Smile
Yea, I also recomend you to try it! Smile
My favourite series too.
Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I love the Thief games. Thief Gold and Thief 2: The Metal Age are excellent and Thief: Deadly Shadows is quite good too but I'm not happy about how it was modified to be console-friendly (lots of stupid decisions). Still, the story was very good, as were the graphics and of course the voice-acting. I thought the Penumbra games were possibly influenced in part by the Thief series. Who knows?
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