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Full Version: Very laggy problem :/
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I got some some lag running at 1680x1050, with the graphics on max except for AA set to 2x. So I switched AA off and turned AF down to 8x and I'm not getting any lag at all now. My specs are:

Windows Vista
AMD Athlon 4600+ (running at 2.3 GHz)
ATI Radeon HD 3850 256MB
Running at 1680x1050

I wonder what the problem could be?
If you get lag problem after playing a couple of levels, could you try loading a level directly and see if that helps? Could give useful clues.

See here for instructions:
the hole game is laging !
i not even trie to play ;/


w91 Try it it really worked!
i try it
nothing better Sad
Doesn't work for me((
Still lags on level 9((


Strange i tried it on level 6 only :/.Too lazy to try on others...
I'm having the same problem with level 9
there was a few spots in the expansion that lagged but i was able to play through those parts fine

but when i try level 9 i get less than 1 fps its simply unplayable
Weird, I didn't have any lag problems at all.
Im not very far into the game but it does feel laggy even though my framerate is high. for instance when I turn with the flashlight there is a lot of mouse movement delay that wasnt there in the other two games.
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