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Full Version: Blender empties
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Blender empties. I just found them while seeing the Lantern model and was goofing around.

My question is, what are the purpose of these "empties"? Do they have an effect to the model and why they were used so little?
If I'm not mistaken, Blender doesn't know how to import lots of things from FG models or .DAE's, so, instead doing weird things, it just makes an empty. Blender things. The same happens if you import an enemy in Blender: Besides the bones, there are some empties, which I think that are the Envelope, not sure though.
An empty is basically a thing you use when you need to mark a point in some process, fx if you used a mirror modifier you might want to go further then just using an axis and mark specifically from where you want to mirror your model which an empty could mark. thats just one bad example, but there are many uses for empties and a few examples are mentioned here
In terms of doing things for amnesia you will never directly need the empties, that means feel free to use them in the creation of your model but dont include it in the export.