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Full Version: HELP with giant spiders and Indiana Jones boulder
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I'd like to help more but I'm not so good at the technical stuff Undecided
Give it some time and I'm sure someone else will see your thread and reply.

However, like I suggested before, if you want I can give you my save file from that area. It starts off immediately after the planks, so you wouldn't miss any important part of the game. Also I picked up all the notes and items.
If the game is from steam, do a file integrity check. Otherwise, reinstall.
oh, cool! I just saw these two replies! Plitomaniac, I did both of those things already to no avail.

Ashtoreth, that would be FABULOUS, I am seriously frustrated and irritated at this point.
Just one question, did you go to the Tool Shed already?
isn't the door locked?

I actually can't quite remember, I would have to look at my map since it has been about a week since I played.
The one with the door locked is the Storage.

Before entering the excavation site, I went to the tool shed and picked up all the items there, so with my save file you would miss that part of the game (if you didn't go there already).
hmm, that's okay... besides, what I could do is go back and do that and then use your save. I get so single minded with video games (which is why I don't allow myself to play often). I am nearly done Antichamber Big Grin
(08-04-2013, 02:50 AM)Hekai Wrote: [ -> ]I get so single minded with video games (which is why I don't allow myself to play often).

Haha, yes, I can totally relate to that. Big Grin

Anyway, here's the file.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me know if you managed to make progress. Wink
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