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Full Version: HELP with giant spiders and Indiana Jones boulder
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I am stuck. I am playing Penumbra Overture and am in these tunnels with the giant spiders. I have to admit to even looking this up on a walkthrough. There is this section where there is acid on the floor that you roll a large rock into in order to cross. Just after that you turn a corner and see a bridge of three boards. When you try to cross a giant boulder comes and crushes you. Am I down the wrong tunnel? Is there a way to survive this?

If I remember correctly (it's been some years, sorry) while the rock is "chasing" you there is a whole on the ground and you need to crouch in there. I'm not sure at all though. If I'm wrong, check a youtube playthrough of this part and it should be very clear what to do.
I don't remember there being a hole in the ground where you can crouch.
Everything in that area has to be done extremely fast and without hesitations. Run, run, run. That's all the help I can give you. I too died a few times there and it can become frustrating, I know.
I think it's the part, where you have to break the planks (with the hammer e.g.), after you crossed them, so the giant rock falls into the nowhere.
Does it work? I didn't even thought of trying that. I just ran like the devil was chasing me, then turned left. Fortunately it worked, haha.

This whole tunnel part is just nerve-wracking!

Good luck, Hekai. Smile
(07-27-2013, 05:10 PM)droog Wrote: [ -> ]I think it's the part, where you have to break the planks (with the hammer e.g.), after you crossed them, so the giant rock falls into the nowhere.

Yes, yes that. Now I remember. Try that.
Don't you have to break the boards before you cross. you don't have time to do it after, as soon as you turn the rock has already killed you!

I think you can break the boards, jump in the hole then jump out.
I have a faint memory of breaking those boards after I've crossed them.
I still think that the most simple and effective way of doing it is to move as fast as you can (run while crossing the wooden planks), and when you see the spider eggs in front of you, turn left. Do not stop, do not turn around.

I've just checked a few playthroughs on YouTube, and in all of them the player just ran.
I think there is a serious glitch in my game. I literally cannot run. Even if I hold the shift key my player keeps hesitating and I literally clear the bridge before getting crushed. Sometimes I can break the bridge before I cross it but I either get crushed or end up in the walls and have to restart this section from the water cave where I jump up on the ladder. Has anyone else experienced this?

I have no idea if it is a computer problem or the program itself. Nothing else has run slowly. Anyone have ideas?

Sad I am reinstalling it, hopefully that works. If there is a place for cheats, this would be it... and there aren't any for this game.
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