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Full Version: Installation help
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Hi there!

I would like to say that from what I played of the demo this looks a great game... I'm looking forward to getting the next one after playing this. However I have a query about the installation of the game if I may.

I have the retail installer here and I make sure all my games go into /usr/local/games (I run Ubuntu 8.04) and so I ran the installer using the sudo command.

The game seemed to install just fine, but when I go into the directory it's empty. I assume this is somehow related to root owning the folder maybe, even though it doesn't hide the contents in any other folders from me.

My question is how can I get this working? I know I have to apparently run the game using 'sh penumbra' but do I have to do something like chmod/chown (I'm really new to the commands so I don't know what I'm doing) on the folder, and is this recommended/safe to do? I won't have any issues in the future with this or anything? And I'm stumped on how I do all this if it's the way to do it that is...

Many thanks in advance! =)
hmm.. the installer should autodetect if root is needed and ask for the root password when installing. do you have enough free disk space??? You should have at least 2-3 gig free. that is my only thought, as the retail installer is the same as the demo installer.

It still seems odd that it would not show the contents of the directory. Does root see the contents of the directory?? If so just chmod it to fix.

The "chmod" command for the install directory should be (run as root of course)
chmod -R u+rwX,g+rX,o+rX PenumbraOverture

If the directory is really empty, try running the installer not via sudo (the installer will auto detect and switch using sudo if necessary) and if that fails do a full switch to root (su -) and run the installer.