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Full Version: Stuck in some sort of Cave
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So I was playing Penumbra Overture today. When I was playing, I went into the place where
Spoiler below!

The doctor cut his own tongue

But after getting back, I see dogs (not sure if I saw them before or after this). What the hell do I do know?
Did you go to the Office already?
There's just one dog wich appears after entering the or the storage. The best thing to do is crouch and hide behind the crates and try to carefully sneak past the dog so it doesn't see or hear you moving.
(08-06-2013, 02:40 PM)Ashtoreth Wrote: [ -> ]Did you go to the Office already?

Where you could find that weird stuff like the Memory thing in Amnesia or where a tongue was found and there was an underground place with a steam gas?
The first one, yes. (The room where you found the tongue is the storage.)

I take it you already went to both places, right? Then proceed like ROT51 explained, and...

Spoiler below!
follow the signs to the Workshop. The door is locked, however you should have an item in your inventory that will help you. It is "old and scratched, but looks to be in one piece". Wink