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Full Version: What resolution do you use?
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I'm using 1280x960 with my 17" CRT monitor.
i have a rather small monitor, so i use 1024x768*
Oh, I forgot to tell that when I record my Walkthroughs with my Fraps, I usually use something like 640x480 or 800x600...

It makes the playing with recording on, more smoother. Smile
Have you tried CamStudio? If you tweak it right. You can have great performance even with high quality on the vids. Smile

It's free too. So there is no water mark!
Nope, but I think Fraps is good enough - and I have bought it so I wanna use it as much as possible! Big Grin
I rather use 1280x1024 with my LCD monitor, whatever i play.
I use 1680x1050 which is the native resolution on my 22" LCD monitor, really neat indeed :]

nackidno Wrote:I use 1680x1050! Wink

Best gaming resolution...Hmm, the highest resolution possible, with widescreen. OR, it also depends on the game.

Have to agree with you a tad there, heh ;]
1024 I can't play with those jagged line.
Plus I need to get more ram, so I can put my reso on 1480 Smile thats as high as it can go.
nackidno Wrote:Have you tried CamStudio?

It's free too. So there is no water mark!

I tried that, it recorded my desktop all the time when I was playing game... So I didn't find it useful in my own business.
just 1024+768

not that flash but its better then 800+600 Tongue
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