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Full Version: What resolution do you use?
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What resolution do you use in the desktop?

Also, if you like, you can tell, which is your favourite gaming resolution!

Remember to give your Vote to the Poll!

I use 1280x1024. In game, I use 1280x1024 or 1024x768...
I use 1680x1050! Wink

Best gaming resolution...Hmm, the highest resolution possible, with widescreen. OR, it also depends on the game.
Oop I voted 1600x2000 but I have 1680x1050. Smile
My screen native resolution is 1400x1050 which is maybe too low for my 20" display (but too high for my graphic card LOL), it should be at least 1600x1200...6400×4800 would be nice :P

Also, it is not good for gaming because 1400x1050 is rare and not supported in most of games :( and in that low resolution you need to use anti-aliasing in a high mode....

Sorry my bad english :P
I modified Penumbra's config file to use 1440x900.
Windows 95 Wrote:6400×4800 would be nice Tongue

Just modify the files in Penumbra and you can get that! Tongue

Don't know how to do that in the desktop though... Is it even possible? Big Grin
I use 1440*900 in desktop. In games I am using lower 16:10 resolutions.
the lowest like always...i need new RAM
I have a LCD Screen so the 1280x1024 is what I use
go go go Native res Smile
Finally someone who uses same as me! Tongue
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