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Full Version: if he knew he would turn in his ashtray...
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if red knew that they had internet down there all along, man he would be pissed i burned him alive

Yes, his toilet was rather low tech, but it was the only one. Which made it valuable in a special way. May he rest in pieces, my imaginary friend.

Very interesting Game. I wonder why noone mentioned the reference to psychology and mysticism towards the end of the game. Being in your own mind, very introverted this Philip guy.

Maybe the whole game was just Philip on a bad LSD trip (consult mental medical care if you share this opinion with me).

ANYWAYS, if my dearest developers please consider the following for future releases:
-implementing a higher number of puzzles which can be solved in multiple ways. There are already some interesting ones. Quizzing gameplay testers for their imput would most likely deliver usable ideas. Intuitiveness suited for different minds is key. Choice would increase the atmosphere even more.

-if the present penumbras generated enough revenues, please pay (better) professional voice actors to improve coherence with other relevant gameplay elements (graphics high quality, design high quality, BUT voice of clarance and that horny scientist girl are lowest acceptable quality level)

JUST take it to the next level! If your a garage low budget game, relatively speaking, already is such a delight to play. It becomes hard to imagine how far you frictional people can go with future releases. Hint: FAR

AWESOME JOB making much from little with brute but refined mind power, RESPECT FRICTIONAL
uhhhhhh huh.

interesting theory............................................................

(hint, not LSD, maybe just smashed.)

I dunno, i liked the voice actors alot., and yeah, frictional is great, but theyre not brute.


[Image: bored.jpg]
I can understand why you might think the actors' voice are corny. That's because your viewing from outside the game world. It is melodramatic but it suits the tone of the game. Although, I wish Clarence had had a creepier voice ... Aside from that, I think the voices were great, especially Red, whose voice I found kind of hot. *blush*
we all have our opinions, but I prefer the tones and acting in the game, and not any of those professional speaking types.
in real life, we don't have that all over the place. some talk down, some weird, some mumble, this and that. It adds realism that the female scientist spoke that way rather than some deeper sexier hot tone/voice. I think Penumbra did a great job overall.
I agree with post above.................


Yeah.Penumbra was a hell of a game.I liked Clerance the best!He always made me lol Big Grin.Philip's a monkey!-I am not a monkey!
Yeah, I kinda agree with the voice thing a little. I liked the voices overall, but it seems almost like they got a different voice acted to play Red in Recreim. He sounded kind of like a vampire.
ha, still, it was great scripting. "like a good apple pie, he crumbled to the ground." hehehe,
I thought that was kinda weird hearing Red talk about apple pie. He usually talks about 'morsels of food' or whatever and of cource, the tasty Rat with a hint of engine oil.
I thought the voice acting was actually pretty awesome, even outside of a game world. Who's to say what a voice inside your own head is going to sound like anyway?