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Full Version: Why couldn't Philip beat the hell of the Infected?
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Didn't the infection come from the save points? Or was I not paying attention?
Jeremy-Bailey Wrote:
Thaliur Wrote:Didn't Philip say he felt weird when he encountered the blueish cloud in the excavation site?

what part is this? overture or black plague? or is this now requiem?
If it happened, it happened in Overture. I'm not sure about it though. It might also have been something like "Better not get too close to this" or similar. I have to play it again to confirm.

HikariOblivion Wrote:Didn't the infection come from the save points? Or was I not paying attention?
The artifacts appeared earlier, you might be right about them being the source of the infection. At least they might have helped it along.
But I'm still pretty sure the blue haze was in some way connected to the Tuurngait.


Because if he loses they will rape hum...Duh!
dragonmaster Wrote:Hmm, you may be on to something with the blue haze! But i thought the virus was released from the tomb. Speaking of which, we never got to see the tomb for real, just that picture... And what exactly was in the tomb anyways?

Actually... (people who want to ruin the first level of gaming for requiem read on.)

Spoiler below!

ReQuiem has it as the first level.


it's unlikely that Philip got the infection from the Artefacts cause it came from the tuurngait tomb and its going thourgh people to their spine...and Philip can also avoid contact with that blue haze
Spoiler below!
I don't think Philip got sicked by Red because Philip burned him with the tuurngait inside him and also at the snowy area Clarence seeked into Philips head then found Red

Philip can't beat the infected cause he had no guns and it's clearly that the infected is much stronger and make changes in his body
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