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Full Version: Nooooo! - HDD Busted! I Would really appreciate a save game, please help!
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This is a desperate call for anyone that has a save game which is nearby (just after) when you squash the Infected (spoiler safe) with the box on a chain!
My HDD RAID has just bitten the dust and I would hate to have to play it all the way through again to get back to where I was. (I only say hate because it is such an atmospheric game it terrifies me!)

Please, please, please, could somebody help me!


I also had a problem into the same place, when i dropped the box on that infected, or whatever it is. Same time game crashed. When i started the game again, i used autosave to start nearby the area, and problem never came back.
Its a right pain in the a$$. Still this isn't a game crash it is one of my Hard Disk Drives failing and totally unrecoverable. If you or anyone could send me a save file from just after that spot it would be fantastic!
Now i'm angry!! I have save file ready, but i can't send it! What a hell is this. I tried to help you.. really. But why this is so f----ng hard these days. But perhaps someone professional can help you. I hope! In these forums they are lot.
You'll probably need to compress the file first, try to .zip it. The forum only allows certain types of files, it makes this forum a safer place to visit.
Jens! I can't found any way to add the file. It's zipped, but i i'am not hacker. Anyway you must understand this was my 2.nd time. I guess i'am not allowed to do these things. Sorry Matt, but i'm too stupidSad
You have to use the New Reply button, it is located to the bottom left just below the last post in a thread. You can't use the quick reply if you want to attach a file.

In the New Reply page there is a section called Attachments, click the Choose file button and select the zipped saved game and then click Add attachment and after that write your message and click post reply.
I hope i did everything right!


Nooooooooooo... Helllll noooooooo din't work. I followed your orders but noooooooo!!!


I give up... this is too difficult to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the Research Room save (Linux version, but i doubt it matters),

4420654 2008-05-30 16:26 Research Room 2008-05-30_16.26.10_17.sav

I don't know how everyone except me can post save files etc. I guess these forums are only for professionals, not for me. What a shame! And.. Jens i did everything what you told me to do, but nope!


Well.. at least i'am allowed to post messages. Better that than nothing!
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