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Not a spoiler but FG just posted this on their Facebook account:

Frictional Games Wrote:For the last months there has been a peculiar lack of days in a week and a lack of hours in a day. No more! What should be the final version of the game has been completed, fingers crossed nothing strange shows up during the final testing tomorrow.
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(09-01-2013, 09:02 PM)pinkribbonscars Wrote: [ -> ]Huge potential spoiler I think

Spoiler below!
He had a "theory" that there isn't multiple pig masks scattered around the mansion (which I thought), but there's only one, and it's the same mask following you.

Pretty damn creepy if that's the case.

How could that possibly work out... That would be a horrible gimmick lol.
I believe he's right. There's several occasions where the pig mask appears in a place it hadn't been previously. I find it a little bit silly that you're being stalker by a painted pig mask, but it will probably make more sense in context of the game.

EDIT: New playthrough video, MAJOR spoilers, this guy's gone WAY farther than anyone else, he includes the first monster encounters (it isn't shown explicitly) and some new locations.
hi guys, long time lurker. haven't seen a post about this so sorry if old and for being a bit messy but i made some observations from the 30 min previews cropping up. title should say aztec connection but i know some people are on serious spoiler blackouts. anyways...

- mandus "returned home from a disastrous expedition from Mexico."

- you receive a call in-game that refers to "precious eagle cactus fruit."

- a cursory internet search reveals that "precious eagle cactus fruit" is what the aztects called the torn heart of a human sacrifice and that it contained their soul

- amfp loads with a diagram of a heart

- the base in mandus' fever dream is reminiscent of aztec design

- there is a model of an aztec temple in mandus' mansion

- in the room where a rotting pig's corpse leans against a wooden cross, a stained glass window depicts a man in ritual garb, wearing a pig's mask, holding a freshly torn heart towards the sky with both hands.

concept art:
(base looks hella aztec)

- a pig mask in a mexican folk art style is on the cover of amfp and litters the mandus mansion

- according to a wikipedia's page on mexican mask-folk art:
"Indigenous people believed that when they wore the mask, they would take the persona of the mask. The masks were worn during ceremonial rituals for thousands of years before the Spanish conquest. The masks depicted animal spirits and Gods that the indigenous peoples worshiped."

i know this is stretching it even further but it might explain why there are pig monsters roaming about:

- part of a public yale article on the aztecs:
"By his death the captive also became a comestible messenger to the gods, and so attained to a level of honor, and even divinity; he was momentarily transubstantiated into an image of the god."

tl;dr heavily recurring aztec theme suggests the presence of a pig-like diety

deep frictional games symbolism or silly speculation on my part? regardless, would love to hear what you guys think + any more theories about amfp's plot or mythos.
I think focussing on the games plot right now is silly because I'm ready to assume (as with every other release) that EVERYBODY will be wrong. Let's just wait and see shall we?
I love Mexican food. So I must love Mexican AAMFP.
Welcome to the forum and I'm so happy to see more plot-minded lurkers appearing Big Grin

I personally really appreciate this thread, because it's easier to talk about this aspect of the plot and not write the same stuff over and over again. I'd consider this as a haven for us who are interested to write and read about it.

Great list, and I'd like to add some more parts to it.

* there is an owl following the player in the taxidermy room. Aztec related owls with death, and the Aztec god of the deepest part of the underworld was presented with owl feathers, and is a god of owls (in addition to spiders, dogs(!) and death)

* the first note Oswald is able to read includes "dreams" of a man dressed in jaguar skin and talk about heart and jungle

I think I found a mythological base why the mask is following the player AND why the mask is a domesticated pig. The latter one has really bothered me because domesticated pigs were brought to America by Europeans, so it isn't an original animal in Mesoamerica.

But I'll write about this more when I have the time.
Frictional Games should've been stricter about what they can show. "30 first minutes", for all we know they could speedrun and show the ending.
(09-02-2013, 09:59 AM)cantremember Wrote: [ -> ]Frictional Games should've been stricter about what they can show. "30 first minutes", for all we know they could speedrun and show the ending.

If someone wants to be a dickbag, piss off multiple devs by being cute with rule interpreting, and never get to cover any games ever again...well they can go right ahead.
I noticed something, when someone was looking down, the lantern stays pointing forward but you see the light go down as well. is that meant? is there like a hole in the lantern where light can go through too?
Whoa?! The game is not even released! Take it easy, PewDiePie!

Spoiler below!