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(09-08-2013, 06:30 AM)Potato Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-08-2013, 05:54 AM)cantplayamfpuntil20thfml Wrote: [ -> ]I'm the kinda of guy who doesn't mind bits of the text leaking through but definitely could've gone without having seen
Spoiler below!
Edwin and Enoch auditioning for the roles of the twins in The Shining.

The Brennenburg thing is pretty neat but I'm concerned how well, if at all, the old theme of vitae, and its methods of production, will tie in with the new theme of heart-extraction and it being like some sort of spiritual Oxyclean.
Yeah, the guy who posted the screenshot of the twins without the spoiler tag is quite a dick. Not that I wasn't going to look anyways, it still pisses me off a bit.

Also I'm kinda feeling lolwut about the Brennenburg reference, it seems kinda weird to think of Mandus going to a hardware store to buy some good old Brennenburg Infusion Vitae for £12.

I'm guessing he has connections to the descendants of the Order of the Black Eagle, or some other creepy aristocratic group. You do have to wonder what happened to the castle...
you can access the manual already

so it seems there is no sanity since there is no key to access a menu
"Make sure to investigate the surroundings at a gentle pace"

HAHA. Tell that to PewDiePie.
Health will be decreased whenever you are sustain some kind of injury (from a hard blow, long fall, etc). If your health reaches zero you will die.

''Hard blow''

Will the game now give blowjobs to Mandus?

In the manual of Amnesia: AMFP I read this:
This symbol appears when an object is in focus. Catching up
click the left mouse button, the object being viewed will be added
But if I remember correctly in this chapter the inventory is not present. So... how is this possible?
good catch
maybe it's temporary like the lantern
it's the only thing you pick up or if it's talking about more there is some sort of inventory or they copied the amnesia the dark descent manual a bit

edit: I checked it myself now but I can't find the word inventory :\ is it really the manual of amnesia a machine for pigs you read
(09-08-2013, 01:38 PM)Retomathic Wrote: [ -> ]they copied the amnesia the dark descent manual a bit
Maybe. We will see it soon Big Grin (-2 days *.*)
I wonder if Aamfp is longer or shorter than Outlast.
Never mind the length, feel the quality. Smile


anyway, i can't wait. I'll go get myself in coma for 2 days