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Full Version: Machine for Pigs & Custom Stories
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I think the dead horse has been beaten enough by now.
They will release a patch, much like they did with Justine... which was also available as a download on the website.
(09-09-2013, 07:15 PM)Shawn6 Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-09-2013, 06:56 PM)sonataarctica Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-09-2013, 05:14 PM)Shawn6 Wrote: [ -> ]I do not understand you. Do you want to get less and less with each new game? And to get more, back to the old games?

Ok, im off. I am very disappointed. New 5h Amnesia without CS. Cool. New industry trend.

Can you not read? TDD will have an update that allows you to use AAMFP assets. AAMFP's engine has had functionality stripped such as the sanity system, inventory as well as use of tinderboxes and oil. Why would you want to use the engine that has less funtionality?

So, why make a new game with so lot less fuktionality ? Most of the reviews mentioned this as a major flaw. This thread is not about tdd.

13€ for 5h game is in my country too much.

You say that like your country has an entirely different array of games than everywhere else.
Play the game yourself, and see if it takes 5 hours. A reviewer took 7.
You also say less functionality is a bad thing. I do with that sanity was kept in the game in some way, and that there were items to collect like in the first game to solve puzzles, but I'm sure that I wont care tomorrow because of what the game has. You don't rate a game on its previous entry.
Honestly, your first comment made you seem like a troll by the way.

There were also about 25 GREAT custom stories out there, maybe even less. Do you like entering a custom story to see naked flying men everywhere? It got old.
Has anyone tried to tinker with the game? Sorry if someone mentioned this already, but I just quickly scrolled through these 16 pages.

Anyway, seeing as the folder structure is basically the same (more or less) I actually directly inserted White Night full conversion mod and it kindof worked, but not really?

It looks like everything gets accepted but something breaks it, launching you directly into the main game. Disappointing. But it has potential.
With a bit of familiarization I'm certain that someone could make it working. Or restore custom_stories option. Who knows. We'll see.

The only thing I know is that this game isn't going through so easily. It will get mods eventually. And you know how it goes: when someone unlocks the door, everyone starts rushing inside.
This has been said a million times: aMfP will NOT have CS....BUT it can have mods (like any other game) AKA Full Conversions. In a way there will be CS for aMfP but it will require a bit more effort like modding other games. At least theoretically.

But I can see why there is no CS capabilities: tDD has more gameplay features whereas aMfP has more assets. Wouldn't it be better to have all custom stories work in one neat package as apposed to having to switch between games that lack something that the other has? It just makes sense to me. Once the tools gets an update we will be able to import aMfP assets. If you guys think the game is too short to purchase, then, isn't it still worth the buy for the all new assets that one can use in a CS?
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