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Full Version: Windows XP not supported?
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(09-05-2013, 07:34 AM)Mephisto Wrote: [ -> ]I'd like to add, both Toki Tori 2+ and Dishonored don't support XP (officially), and run very well on my system, as well as the original Amnesia.

So I think the odds are for me! Wink

Huh that's definitely good news then! Mostly because something I remember very vividly when ordering Dishonored was that it said in big colorful text that "THIS ONLY SUPPORTS WINDOWS VISTA/7".

If something that believes so firmly that it can't work on XP will work on XP, then I think you'll be just fine lol
More than confident that everything will work fine! Dan said that if you run the first part, then easily start and this ...
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