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Full Version: A:AMFP [Soundtrack Preorder]
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Will keep it firmly in mind!

Also, PSA.

If anyone uses bandcamp you'll be delighted to know that Jessica Curry is on there and has uploaded the OST for A:AMFP.
Wow, "Lifting the Veil" is pretty hauntingly beautiful, reminds me a lot of Dear Esther. "These Hands are Bleeding" is creepy as hell too, can only imagine playing the game with that in the background. This is a really big ost for such a short game, can't imagine all these songs will end up in game.

(09-06-2013, 11:45 PM)samueljustice00 Wrote: [ -> ]The motto for the game itself, do not assume anything.

There's been a fair amount of that going around, nice to know we still have a lot to look forward to in four days.
Acquisitions sounds like skittering mechanical insects.

I'm loving the hell out of the Mandus track. It's so pretty. Music of the Spheres is quite lovely too, (and hell yes glass harmonica) but it meanders.

Mors Praematura still makes me very uneasy, like something really wrong is happening.
(09-06-2013, 11:45 PM)MyRedNeptune Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-06-2013, 02:30 PM)BigBoss Wrote: [ -> ]But i nearly laughed when i heard "Mandus" andits so paradox because i watched yesterday The Truman Show (genius) and the harmonies were nearly identical to this song
and i was just like wtf..... but just a dumb coincidence.....

Not that dumb of a coincidence, it's just a really, really common chord progression. Big Grin

Yes you're right its very often used in soundtracks and even mainstream music but not that often there are other common chord progressions that are used so hardly often i can't hear them already Big Grin
But it was just funny because hours ago i saw that movie and heard the similarity, but im very excited of the game and the soundtrack from jessica.
We wil see....
Huh, one of the song titles is names, "The Descent Begins"... curious about what that might entail.

Check out the "This Dawning Epoch" intro:
Spoiler below!

"This dawning epoch. This age of reason. An empire grown fat, ripe for the bleeding."

*shivers* Gotta love the social commentary.
(09-08-2013, 01:54 PM)bluel0bster Wrote: [ -> ]Huh, one of the song titles is names, "The Descent Begins"... curious about what that might entail.
Smile Don't make me remember TDD.
Wow, apparently Jessica Curry is really digging the waterphone, lol. Big Grin
Wow , soundtrack - The Streets of London, seems to me like a chase music.
I'm struck by how parts of the soundtrack include in-game dialogue.

Spoiler below!
I had shivers from hearing just a fraction of A Child's Shadow.
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